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How to Start Managing Your Google My Business: A Step-By-Step Guide

Ready to have customers find your local business online? Not sure where to start? Well you better get ready to get very familiar with Google my business. You may not know of it by name, but you’ve certainly interacted with it.

Kurt Miller Leaves JAM After Seven Years | Congrats, Kurt!



Not once did I ever think about moving on from JAM Graphics, but alas, the time has come to say goodbye to the company that welcomed me into its ranks almost seven years ago. They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, I truly enjoyed what I did at JAM Graphics. Starting out as a Jr. Web Designer back in March of 2011, I was fresh out of college, new to the professional web design world, and eager to prove myself.

Local SEO for Electrical Contractors - A 2018 Guide


Does your electrical contractor company rely on customers finding you on Google?

If so, there are a number of critical steps you need to take. Missing the mark here can put your business at serious long term risk.


5 Essential Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers


Looking for new ways to speed up or automate difficult or tedious web development tasks? You're in luck, there are plenty of new add-ons created every day that serve this exact purpose. But the problem is, a lot of plugins in the market are, practically speaking, useless when it comes to living up to advertised claims.

So which of these tools will actually save you time instead of bloating your already decked out setup? Below are some essential Firefox Plugins that we use and you might want to check out as well.

How to Plan Your Web Marketing Video Shoot | Checklist

Nothing will derail a video marketing shoot faster than a lack of planning. Taking the necessary precautions to pre-plan can mean the difference between a breakout campaign and a total dud.


Account for all aspects of the project BEFORE you even think about picking up a camera on shoot day. How do you do that? What underestimated tasks are you forgetting? Read on to view our checklist for pre-planning a video shoot.

A Summer at JAM: Sending off Our Intern Amanda

After a successful summer, we’re sending off our intern Amanda back to college and with a fresh set of skills.

Amanda came in wanting to learn more about digital marketing and left with an entire summer of experiences with social media, marketing and even advertising under her belt.

7 Houzz Mistakes to Avoid

Houzz took off as the Pinterest of the home improvement services industry and has now evolved into an online brochure of tips, articles, photos and worldwide directory of professionals.


Due to their large number of daily active users, Houzz is an incredible tool for finding professional services near you. However, as with all service websites, mistakes can be made and opportunities may be missed. Continue reading to see 7 common Houzz mistakes we continuously see with Houzz Profiles and our recommendations on how to avoid them.

How to Choose a Web Design & Development Company

Don't take choosing a design and development company lightly. There are many reputable and talented companies, but the bad ones are a dime a dozen. Below are a few quick tips to help you make your provider decision a bit easier. Whether you've got a six figure web project or your nephew is helping you make a blog, take a look. 

4 Advantages of Combining SEO with Web Design

Even the most beautiful website imaginable won't be worth it if it's not bringing in business. For most companies, getting found by customers online really is paramount. So how can a business owner make sure that his or her site shows up when a customer does a search? Enter SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists.



If you’re thinking about hiring a SEO specialist to increase your organic search reach, check if your web design and development team does it first.

SEO Specialists are technically-inclined writers who know how to create (and spread) awesome content throughout the web. They also know a thing or two about search engines and keywords. However, most SEO gurus aren't masters of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Is this a problem? It could be. Not knowing how to design a website can actually put an independent SEO specialist at a great disadvantage.

Sure, they could use a DIY site builder instead of building it custom, but there are drawbacks there to consider. What really works is when the two disciplines of web design/development and SEO are implemented hand-in-hand. When a site is built from the ground up with search engine best practices in mind, and it has a ongoing content creation strategy in place, it has a better chance of getting found by customers and generating business. So if possible, try to keep your SEO and your web design and development all under one roof. Here are four key reasons why:


12 Business Instagram Fails (and How to Avoid Them)

What is Instagram (IG)?

For those of you who aren’t using it yet (hint: you probably should be), Instagram is a popular social media tool used for sharing photos and images. It can be linked to your Facebook account, which means double the exposure for posts. And it's not just for friends anymore. It's a way to share company art, promote products, leverage influencers, and build your brand's community. However, a lot of businesses use Instagram incorrectly. We see this all the time and it bugs the heck out of us! More than a few companies totally miss the point. 

Continue reading to make sure you're not committing any of these photo-sharing fails.


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