7 Key Takeaways from HubSpot's INBOUND 2021

HubSpot’s INBOUND is a three-day conference in which professionals from all industries attend to listen to keynote speakers, participate in networking opportunities, and learn the newest HubSpot platform tools and updates. This year was different than any year prior, as it was held virtually for the first time.

Whether you attended INBOUND 2021 or not, we thought it might be helpful to share seven key takeaways from the event. Here’s what we learned.

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1.) Don’t be afraid. Use storytelling that stands out from the competition.

Inbound Marketing Agency NJ | JAM GraphicsResearch the competition when it comes to their messaging. What are they leaving out? What topics are they not touching? Encourage creative content creation that is unique and go to market with it. Marketing departments can help alleviate the fear sales teams have in regards to messaging. It’s a common practice that a company doesn’t want to give away information in fear the competition will copy them.

Square2 Marketing CMO, Eric Keiles, mentioned, “Take the lead on being a thought leader and going out there with a message that is different from the competition. Be remarkable.” 

Understand your competitors won’t always pair up to the aggressive differentiation tactics or at least sustain it for the long haul as your business will. 


2.) Understand that you won’t always have a plan in place, and all sorts of experiences can be valuable.

Marketing Agency NJ | JAM GraphicsThe experience of failure can make it seem like success isn’t possible. And the accumulation of failures can be scarring especially if you have something to lose. David Chang, Chef & Founder of Momofuku, stated, “It can seem like you’re constantly putting out fires.”

But you have to evolve, whether that’s in artistic creativity or another field -- and don’t discount your prior experiences, because they can be valuable down the road. 


3.) Time management is critical for doing deep work. 

Custom Web Developer NJ | JAM GraphicsCarving out time can be difficult, but it’s absolutely crucial according to Hasan Minhaj, host & creator of the hit Netflix show, The Patriot Act. He shares how meticulously scheduling the hours for specific projects is not only productive, but can bring inspiration for creators.

Anything that requires “deep work” needs a sustained focus over a long time, and for this to be possible, you’ll need to block out major parts of your day/month.


4.) Trust your life aspirations. 

Manufacturing Marketing NJ | JAM GraphicsThe phrase, “your gut never lies” is true when it comes to your life’s journey according to the one and only Oprah Winfrey at INBOUND 2021. Listening to your intuition and designing a plan of what you truly want to do with your career is key to helping achieve your aspirations.

If you find yourself constantly quitting jobs or unhappy with your current employer, first understand your career goals and then conduct the research to design a realistic plan that will get you there. 


5.) Don't have regrets. Learn from mistakes and apply that knowledge to future endeavors. 

Healthcare Marketing NJ | JAM GraphicsSpike Lee, legendary writer and filmmaker, spoke on how in every film he has produced, he learned something that he will apply down the road. He acknowledged that sometimes past work might not have been the best possible product.

But that said, there is not a single film that he would change, modify, or recreate if given the opportunity




6.) B2B customers are acting more like B2C ones every day. 

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Customer expectations surrounding the buyer’s journey are changing rapidly.

In the past, prospects had to call a sales representative, but now, they don’t have to contact anyone personally in order to experience a product or a service. They can simply get a free download from a website and/or browse social media channels to get a feel for a business. 

This is why ensuring a business’s online presence provides a great digital experience to prospects is fundamental. B2B buyers are now looking similar to B2C buyers; they demand the same great circular flywheel experience. Discussing this trend, Yamini Rangan, HubSpot’s CEO, put it this way, “Once corporations make this shift, they will thrive.”


7.) Everyone misses in-person events. 

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Although virtual trade show experiences are becoming more innovative now more than ever and necessary for safety, JAM looks forward to hopefully INBOUND 2022 being in person next year!



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