Got Those Coronavirus Trade Show Blues?

coronavirus tradeshow blues

You had it all planned out. You and your top salespeople were going to that big trade show in March or April. It was going to be great. Many top prospects attend every year and it’s a huge opportunity. 

You’ve already spent money on not just travel and accommodations, but also on sales and marketing materials like banners and booths and giveaways. 

… and it’s cancelled. 

Well now what do you do? 

We’re already seeing clients dealing with this en masse. 

What do you do when a major portion of your marketing plan for the year is in jeopardy of cancellation --- possibly for an extended period of time?

You might consider investing in alternatives. Can you reach your top prospects in other ways?

What are your video conferencing capabilities? Do you have a library of sales and marketing video materials that can serve as a replacement? Can you make some sort of “virtual booth” with graphics and custom video that can serve the same purpose?


If you’re interested in learning more about what we’re doing here at JAM to combat trade show cancellations, just reach out. 

  • facilitating video conferencing
  • sales video production
  • custom web apps
  • virtual trade show booths. 

Don’t let event cancellations get in the way of achieving your sales goals in 2020. 

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