3 Tips on Sharing Social Media Photos with a Digital Marketing Agency

Myth: Clients do not need to collaborate with their marketing agency.

It’s crucial that the client and agency both have an involved working relationship to roll out a solid social media strategy. Here are three homework tips clients should keep in mind when working with a digital marketing agency. 

Designate a point person to be the liaison.

Assign an internal staff member who will be responsible for allsocial media agency passaic county nj | jam graphics communications between your company and the marketing agency. This role isn’t ideal for someone with a busy schedule and cannot make time for marketing efforts. The responsibilities of this position include sending over photos and videos for social media posts, sharing key logistical information, and being available for meetings so the agency can stay up-to-date on all current needs. The liaison is responsible for retrieving information and managing projects for the agency, while collaborating on behalf of your business to help reach your overall goals. 

Send a bulk amount of photos and videos if possible. 

An effective social media strategy will not run out of content and an agency requires marketing collateral to kick it off. The easiest way is to share content is in bulk and at least 30-90 days worth of posting material. This way you don’t have to constantly worry about sending over visuals! 

Contact our inbound marketing agency to create content for you! 

Does creating content sound overwhelming? Our inbound marketing team are experts in this field who creatively strategize in social media. Anyone can take a photo and post it. Nowadays, users want a complete digital marketing experience and require deep efforts to execute effective social media content. 

social media management passaic county nj | jam graphicsOur inbound marketing agency can also help produce photography and interview the client if they need additional information for text when it comes to content. But beyond that, we never want the client's homework to be too extensive! 

Contact us so we can help drive your social media strategy to new levels.



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