Why we use SiteGround to host all of our client websites

There are plenty of websites that analyze the details behind Siteground's history, as well as their speed metrics and much much more.  But this post is why WE use SiteGround... instead of Godaddy, Network Solutions, iPower, and others.

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 3.13.39 PM This is a screenshot of one of our servers on our siteground dashboard.  This one in particular hosts 81 websites.

For other agencies, this is a must.  You can manage multiple VPS and cloud-based servers from one dashboard and create web servers on the fly within each one.

For single website owners, you can easily manage your websites FTP access, email, domain, security and website speed in one place.

Auto Scaling

Siteground will automatically scale up your servers RAM or memory in the event of a bot attack instead of crashing the site and all of the websites on the same server.


Siteground will provide a Let's Encrypt SSL free of charge with all web servers.  Premium security certificates are also available.

MySQL and Wordpress support

Siteground will install a wordpress development within seconds on your webserver.  So there's no need to locate the code, download and reupload.  Installed and integrated within the database system.

Switch Accounts

With the ability to switch from one client webserver to the next, we can move through website updates and maintenances swiftly and with ease!


Finally, their speed.  The web server has to be the fastest out there.  We've never experienced websites with such fast load times.  We've had clients come to us when their existing website just loads slow.. simply loading the site up on Siteground gives them an unbelievable boost in confidence!

If you're interested in getting a siteground server set up... just get going and sign up for a siteground web server now!

If you're more interested in having an agency set it up, build your website and manage it on Siteground, you're in the right place!  Contact JAM Graphics and we'll get your site up and running in no time!


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