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Elements of a Successful Lifestyle Product Photography Shoot

Two experts break down the process of planning and executing successful product lifestyle photography.  The following insights come from Michael & Jackie, two JAM's resident New Jersey video production and photography experts. Fresh off a recent shoot, they answered a few questions to help us better understand the process. Here’s the advice they gave to get started with great lifestyle photos. ...

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A Summer at JAM: Sending off Our Intern Amanda

After a successful summer, we’re sending off our intern Amanda back to college and with a fresh set of skills. Amanda came in wanting to learn more about digital marketing and left with an entire summer of experiences with social media, marketing and even advertising under her belt.

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7 Houzz Mistakes to Avoid

Houzz took off as the Pinterest of the home improvement services industry and has now evolved into an online brochure of tips, articles, photos and worldwide directory of professionals.   Due to their large number of daily active users, Houzz is an incredible tool for finding professional services near you. However, as with all service websites, mistakes can be made and opportunities may be missed. Continue reading to see 7 common Houzz mistakes we continuously see with Houzz Profiles and our recommendations on how to avoid them.

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Why Content Marketing is the New SEO

(or how the two go hand-in-hand)   We get a lot of questions from clients requesting help with SEO. Everyone wants their website to show up in the top position on Google for their chosen keywords. So how can this be achieved?

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Our Newest Work: Custom NJ Business Website Developments

At JAM, we love sharing our work with the world. Check out these three websites that we've built recently.  Just Collect  Just Collect is New Jersey's largest buyer of vintage sports cards. Along with buying and selling vintage and pre-war cards, they really enjoy telling the stories of how collections wound up in their hands. Their storytelling really adds a personal touch to each card and makes these pieces of American history really come alive. Here are a few of our favorite card collection stories from their blog: 

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What is Inbound Marketing and Why Should I Care?

Today's consumer doesn't want to be bothered. They are on the do not call list, they use DVR to fast-forward through commercials, they don't open junk mail, they use ad-block on their browser. So how can businesses reach people? 

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Why a Custom CMS is More Secure Than Wordpress or Joomla

At JAM, every website we build uses our custom-built content management system. A CMS is the application that allows for publishing, modifying, organizing and deleting content on a website. To access the CMS, a user types in the URL of their website, followed by a specific subdirectory (like "/admin-login") for example.  From there, the user enters their username and password and is granted access into the "back-end" of the site. Once logged in, the user can make whatever modifications they need to make.  Every website has a CMS. The three most common are Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal. Together, these three account for more than 70% of the CMS market.

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Fever

Do you run an eCommerce site? If so, are you ready for Cyber Monday? It’s the biggest online shopping day of the year. What deals are you offering? How are you spreading the word? Email blasts? Updates to your site’s homepage? Custom landing page(s)?

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Why B2B Businesses Need to Blog

We hear this all the time: “But my business is B2B. We don’t need to blog. We reach customers through word-of-mouth, tradeshows, and advertising in industry-specific publications.” That’s great and all, but your company should definitely still be blogging. Here are seven reasons why your company shouldn’t underestimate this powerful marketing tool.

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6 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

When thinking about your website's effectiveness, keep one crucial mantra in mind:  My website exists solely to solve my customers’ problems.           Too many businesses focus on talking about themselves and their brand. Instead, they need to be solving their customers’ problems. Seriously. When people visit a website, they have a problem and need it solved. With that in mind, here are six ways your website is sending your customers elsewhere.

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