5 Signs You Need to Rebuild Your Company Website

So you went through all that trouble a few years back to build a great website for your company. Now all you have to do is sit back and watch the business roll in, right? Wrong. Here are five signs your company website needs to be rebuilt. 



1. It hasn't been updated in years

If your site hasn’t been updated in a while, it’s probably in need of a change. If this is the case, your site is probably using outdated technology and your search engine ranking could be taking a hit. Google recently started punishing websites that are not mobile-friendly. Why should you care? Well, if you’re not providing a great website experience for visitors on phones and tablets it’s more difficult for potential customers to find you online.


2. It's not consistent with your other marketing materials

Does it feel like a totally different company when you visit your website? You should really have brand consistency across all of your marketing platforms. If you’re confused, imagine how your customers feels. How would you like it if a customer went to your site and then left because they thought it was a different company? Your website should feature all the same artwork, layout and feel of your other materials. Had an awesome new logo designed for you? It better be on your website. 


3. It doesn't speak to your buyer personas

Is your website addressing your ideal customer directly and keeping their specific needs in mind? If not, your site may be missing the mark. Make sure the content on your website uses language that your buyers will understand (not industry jargon). Also, make sure your site is addressing common questions and concerns. If you speak directly to someone’s needs, they’ll feel more comfortable with using your product or service.


4. You can't make basic changes without help from your developer

We’re not talking about changing the entire design and layout. But if you can’t make edits to text on pages, or change pictures and links, it’s probably time for a rebuild. You should be able to make updates in-house without having to contact your provider who may end up charging you to make routine changes.


5. You're embarrased to share your URL

Your website is your single biggest marketing tool. If you’re not directing people to your site via your business cards, brochures, email signatures, and basically any opportunity you have, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity. If you have an awesome website, you’ll want to share it with as many people as possible. If you’re not sending customers to your site because you’re afraid they’ll think less of your company, you know it’s time for a makeover.


If any (or all) of these signs are resonating with you, it's probably time to revamp your web presence. But this isn't a decision to be taken lightly. Make sure you research as much as possible and decide on a solution that's right for you.


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