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Does your business need a CUSTOM eCommerce site?



Custom websites are not just about visuals. They're about making sure your site exactly fits your business needs.

These days you only have about three seconds to impress a visitor and keep them on your site. Once they’re interested, you’ll need to guide them through a natural progression to fulfill their needs and maintain their interest.

Web Design Firm vs. DIY Site Builder: What's Right for You?

  • “Can I create my own website?”
  • "Should I use that software I heard about on the radio?" 
  • “How hard could it possibly be?”
  • "Maybe I can get my [insert younger relative] to do it?"

People inevitably ask these questions when launching (or re-vamping) their business website. Sure you can use an online site builder --- but if you don't have a ton of time, don't have a marketing background, and don't have experience in design, functionality, and best practices --- you'll probably want to invest in a custom web site created by professionals.

Our Newest Work: Custom NJ Business Website Developments

At JAM, we love sharing our work with the world. Check out these three websites that we've built recently. 

Just Collect 

Just Collect is New Jersey's largest buyer of vintage sports cards. Along with buying and selling vintage and pre-war cards, they really enjoy telling the stories of how collections wound up in their hands. Their storytelling really adds a personal touch to each card and makes these pieces of American history really come alive. Here are a few of our favorite card collection stories from their blog: 

6 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

When thinking about your website's effectiveness, keep one crucial mantra in mind:

 My website exists solely to solve my customers’ problems.          

Too many businesses focus on talking about themselves and their brand. Instead, they need to be solving their customers’ problems. Seriously. When people visit a website, they have a problem and need it solved.

With that in mind, here are six ways your website is sending your customers elsewhere.

Why Don't We Use Wordpress?


Here's why we don't use Wordpress.

When I started this company in 2008, I was asked to design websites because I have creative and graphic design ability. I didn't know how to build websites so I ventured toward Wordpress. And why not.. it's free! You can pick from tons of free themes and customize the site as you wish! All of the code was yours too... but as a graphic artist, it was very time consuming trying to figure out how to write it how Wordpress wanted me to write it... it was so difficult making my graphics come to life on a website using Wordpress's tools.. and the clients who wanted me, didn't want to pick from a theme.. they wanted something custom. So I had to figure out how to write code for myself.. with my own content management system.

Mobile Responsive Website Overhauls

Google's Mobile Responsive Algorithms steering the ship

Google's recent algorithm change has got JAM Graphics working around the clock developing responsive websites for all of our loyal past clients. We've developed an affordable mobile responsive overhaul for all of our existing clients to get the up to speed with search ranking. So far we've 'redesigned' several client websites with many more to go!!!


And many more coming soon! Google has already started to take notice and is giving us a boost for every mobile site developed upon launch!

Mobile Responsive Pricing & Process

So Google is finally ranking websites for 'mobile search' partially according to a website's usability on a mobile device. All this means is that when someone is lying in bed with their iphone or ipad searching the internet, the results they see when they search are going to contain mobile-ready websites first.  

JAM Graphics has been designing and developing fully custom mobile responsive websites since 2013 and now that Google has changed it's algorithms, we ONLY offer mobile responsive websites. which means by default, our new clients will get a mobile responsive website!

Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla's mobile responsive themes outright SUCK. They claim to be mobile responsive but they're very difficult to work with, and if you're not careful, it will be a totally different experience on the desktop than on the iphone. Their mobile responsive templates are VERY clunky, use ugly drop down menus, and NEVER fit your text properly. Our mobile responsive websites are built custom, which means we build and look at every size screen, ensuring every page and every bit of information is readable and clean throughout. This is not an easy task either... customizing a simple navigation menu for mobile responsive takes 8-10 hours to do it right. That's a simple menu, home, about us, services, gallery, contact us, with the logo etc., to then collapse into a fancy little pop out, slide-out or dropdown menu on the mobile phone is complicated. 8-10 hours is what it takes to ensure it's working the way it should. We put this much care into every aspect of the website to ensure a thorough development through every inch of the website, on every device and every screen size.

Just checkout our portfolio and look at the customization. www.sharkfinshears.com, www.acepforprofessionals.com, www.chocolatetext.com, or www.ontimeambulance.com... complex eCommerce programming with a mobile responsive framework.. through and through.

Call us before you waste money with a firm that doesn't do it custom. You'll save a lot of money.

Jennifer Lopez!

Okay so we're not working for her directly... or even indirectly for that matter... we're designing the new and improved website for Image Magazine!! And their Celebrity interview happens to be about J Lo herself... we are extremely excited about the opportunity to be working with Image Magazine and am pulling out the big guns to provide the most cutting edge and clean-style website design in the industry! So far... So GOOD! check it out in our 'in progress' section or our 'website portfolio'. Image is everything.

Foundation of UMDNJ

Foundation of University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey has hired JAM Graphics to be their webmaster providing regular maintenance, new developments and extended Search Engine Optimization. thanks to a great referral at The Valerie Fund! We LOVE referrals!

I Love Chester, NJ

Just last night, at a recent board meeting, JAM Graphics was awarded the job to design and build a highly interactive and custom website for the small avenue of Chester, NJ. A great website the community can go to for upcoming events, special deals and coupons, shopping and dining directory and much more! Stay tuned and check out our progress in the 'in-progress' section of our site to stay up to date!

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