Elements of a Successful Lifestyle Product Photography Shoot

Two experts break down the process of planning and executing successful product lifestyle photography.  The following insights come from Michael & Jackie, two JAM's resident New Jersey video production and photography experts. Fresh off a recent shoot, they answered a few questions to help us better understand the process. Here’s the advice they gave to get started with great lifestyle photos. ...

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8 websites that kick ass for one reason or another

We all know a kick-ass website when we see one. Whether it's because of awesome imagery, helpful video content, compeling text, addicting interactivity, a noble mission, or some combination of all of those, some sites are just more memorable than others. In redesigning websites we often see examples that need a hell of lot of help. So to switch it up we thought it might be fun to do a short countdown of websites that we think really kick ass. Let's get to it. 

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Fever

Do you run an eCommerce site? If so, are you ready for Cyber Monday? It’s the biggest online shopping day of the year. What deals are you offering? How are you spreading the word? Email blasts? Updates to your site’s homepage? Custom landing page(s)?

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The World's First Social Media Accessory!

Haute Tags Bar far one of the coolest new product ideas we've seen in a long time! Perfect gifts for woman and men alike! What a great way to brand your 'internet presence' on a piece of jewelry! Personally, I'm not one for Swarovski Crystals, but I think I would use one on my keychain for sure... Haute Tags with "#JAMGraphics" engraved for all my employees! Athough the silver metal is nice, clean and my preference, I can't wait to see them in different colors and materials... ooooh, like transparent! Haute Tags gets our approval! Check out the site we developed for them and buy one today... while they're cheap!

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Reeves-Reed Arboretum

Non-Profit Organization Site Launches

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Pretty much our first full-on ecommerce website... launched without a hitch!  Check it out!

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