4 Advantages of Combining SEO with Web Design

Even the most beautiful website imaginable won't be worth it if it's not bringing in business. For most companies, getting found by customers online really is paramount. So how can a business owner make sure that his or her site shows up when a customer does a search? Enter SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists.




If you’re thinking about hiring a SEO specialist to increase your organic search reach, check if your web design and development team does it first.

SEO Specialists are technically-inclined writers who know how to create (and spread) awesome content throughout the web. They also know a thing or two about search engines and keywords. However, most SEO gurus aren't masters of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Is this a problem? It could be. Not knowing how to design a website can actually put an independent SEO specialist at a great disadvantage.

Sure, they could use a DIY site builder instead of building it custom, but there are drawbacks there to consider. What really works is when the two disciplines of web design/development and SEO are implemented hand-in-hand. When a site is built from the ground up with search engine best practices in mind, and it has a ongoing content creation strategy in place, it has a better chance of getting found by customers and generating business. So if possible, try to keep your SEO and your web design and development all under one roof. Here are four key reasons why:




Your web design firm already knows the ins and outs of your website. They’re the ones who created it from scratch and already know the structure, organization, and depth of information on there. Through working with you on the development, they probably also know about your ideal customers and how people might find you. They have full control of your pages and can help you make changes quickly and easily. When working with an SEO specialist on his or her own, you'll have to invest time in introductions, sharing ideas, and bringing someone up to speed on your brand your goals.


Technical expertise

Your site might be outdated and in need of a mobile-friendly makeover. It also might need better meta-descriptions, strategically-placed keywords, and content worth sharing and engaging with. Not only does your web design service know where everything should be plugged in --- they can help you implement new functions to enhance your SEO. Techincal knowledge will help you get your new marketing plans off the ground quickly and with minimal setbacks. 


Benefitting from multiple skillsets and specialties

With web diversified web company, you have access to a full team --- not just one person. Behind the scenes, your team is cohesively structuring your site and possibly also working on marketing content. An SEO specialist is just one person with only their experience to work off of. A seasoned web team, on the other hand, will be made up of graphic artists, coders, developers, marketing experts, writers, and maybe even video production people. Different perspectives and opinions we all bring to the table.



When you bundle multiple web services all together with one provider, you'll end up paying less. Rather than pay full price for a la carte services from all over, you'll be able to get on a monthly retainer for everything. If you're just launching a new site, this can help spread development expenses over the course of the whole year. At the same time, you'll be able to implement an agile marketing plan. Taken after agile software development, the principles of agile marketing are fast launch, evolutionary improvement, real life testing, and fast response to change. When you've got one team, you're infinitely more agile, and you can do more of what's working, and less of what's not. 


If you’re using different services for web design, digital marketing, SEO, and even PPC, you’re probably spreading yourself too thin. You're creating more points of contact, more possible disconnects, more work duplication, and more overall work for yourself to monitor. If it's working for you, keep at it, but if not, try to consolidate and get all that under one roof.   




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