John Tedesco

John is the Creative Director and CEO of JAM Graphics (a new jersey web design company)

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Flash Greeting Card!

The Valerie Fund's annual Flash Holiday Greeting Card. Click to 'read more' and then click on the link. Happy Holidays!

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The World's First Social Media Accessory!

Haute Tags Bar far one of the coolest new product ideas we've seen in a long time! Perfect gifts for woman and men alike! What a great way to brand your 'internet presence' on a piece of jewelry! Personally, I'm not one for Swarovski Crystals, but I think I would use one on my keychain for sure... Haute Tags with "#JAMGraphics" engraved for all my employees! Athough the silver metal is nice, clean and my preference, I can't wait to see them in different colors and materials... ooooh, like transparent! Haute Tags gets our approval! Check out the site we developed for them and buy one today... while they're cheap!

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JAM Graphics Celebrates Award!

Ranked #9 in and   On September 1st, JAM Graphics was notified of their top 10 ranking with and! We're both honored and proud of this accomplishment and have decided to celebrate with a brand new website! We are laying it all out on the table! All of our expertise and services as well as our news and information, check it all out here!

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Reeves-Reed Arboretum

Non-Profit Organization Site Launches

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Jennifer Lopez!

Okay so we're not working for her directly... or even indirectly for that matter... we're designing the new and improved website for Image Magazine!! And their Celebrity interview happens to be about J Lo herself... we are extremely excited about the opportunity to be working with Image Magazine and am pulling out the big guns to provide the most cutting edge and clean-style website design in the industry! So far... So GOOD! check it out in our 'in progress' section or our 'website portfolio'. Image is everything.

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More Exciting News!

Now just half way through the year and we've doubled in size... Kurt Miller has turned out to be a valuable add-on to our team, and our clients just keep coming back for more! Almost through our eCommerce developments, Sharkfin Shears, JodhPuri, Town & Country, and a few informational sites that need to get done for Closet Butler, Reeves Reed Arboretum and we can't forget the Valerie Fund Walk and 5K Run is this Saturday!

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Welcome Kurt Miller

JAM Graphics welcomes newcomer and Jr. Web Designer, Kurt Miller. A recent graduate of Ramapo College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Kurt will be at the helm of our existing website accounts and control the flow and process for all existing website modifications and updates. We wish him the very best of luck and the brightest future at JAM Graphics.

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Carlyle Sofas

High End Sofa Manufacturer site launches! So far the nicest site we've designed and developed. Carlyle Sofas and Sofabeds is a high-end sofabed manufacturer right here in New Jersey! Check them out at Soon to be integrating Ecommerce capabilities!

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Pequannock UNICO with all the trimmings!

Local Non-Profit Site Launches Pequannock UNICO's website is reborn! A total turnkey development has been custom designed for this organization in Pequannock, NJ. Past websites just went out dated too quickly since it was a cumbersome task to send details to the website company to make the updates in a timely manner. Now, with the JAM Graphics content management system, the members of Pequannock UNICO have full control over the content of their website, images, and Italian word of the day! Now it's up to them to keep it updated and promote the heck out it! Good luck guys!

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JAM Graphics is TWO YEARS OLD!

Officially started in January of 2009, we are now starting our 3rd year in business! On deck for 2011 is the brand new double-layered website for Cedar Park Cemetery in Paramus, NJ; a brand new set of 20 grammar school science textbooks complete with teachers edition, student edition, etc..; a new website for Carlyle high-end sofas and sofabeds; a few new application developments, including the much-anticipated launch for The Valerie Fund, their new WALK/5K RUN module designed to bring more registrants and donations!; and other websites such as a revamp for Mosley Training, the Blue Devils Running club, The Reich Group, and lots of modifications to existing clients... they like to keep us busy. ;)   We're especially excited about an opportunity to build a turnkey website operation for local town newspapers! More on that soon! And finally, in 2011, an all new application for the internet designed to attract singers and musicians of all kinds!   So 2011 is going to be a lot of fun! We're especially looking forward to having a new developer on board who is an e-Commerce and applications developing expert! We hope to be a double-threat firm, delivering top notch graphics, clean SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZED coding, super-attractive email blasts, fully functioning e-commerce developments and custom internal office applications! (okay that's like a quadruple threat, but we were already doing 3 of those!).

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